The P8 has the same hull lines as its non-folding ancestor Dinghy Mirror, an English project from 1962. Developed for the Sailing School in the North Sea, the qualities of this boat have made it appreciated and spread in tens of thousands of specimens all over the world. Even in countries where the sea is the ocean, such as Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand.

The “mirror bow” was a solution dear to Anglo-Saxon designers of that period and was adopted for many models. Among these the most famous was the Optimist (Clark’s 1956 project). Do you know which boat has been chosen by World Sailing to introduce young sailors from all over the world to competitive sport? The stainless Optimist, which still resists, still the same, after 60 years, to race anywhere, in spectacular events of the highest level, even in the ocean.

These are indisputable references. The mirror bow works and does not fear any sea. For this reason the P8 will show you its marine qualities precisely with accentuated wave motion, to the full advantage of safety.