“We are on a mission for God”

What does it take to build a high quality wooden boat?

It is not enough to build the hull with precious wood approved by the Italian Naval Register and FSC certified.
It is not enough to cut the panels with absolute precision using lasers and professional CNC pantographs.
It is not enough to use only Orca brand hyapalon produced by Penel Flipo for the gaskets.
It’s not enough to pack the sails with the best fabrics from Bainbridge and Challenge Sailcloth.
It is not enough to rig the boat with RWO, Holt, Camcleat and Viadana deck equipment.
It is not enough to use innovative circuits with extensive use of high modulus dyneema.
It’s not enough just to supply boats with our unique high pressure buoyancy tanks.
It is not enough to use painting cycles for extreme resistance to the marine environment.
It is not enough to use 5083 aluminum alloy certified for naval use and with anodic oxidation at 20 microns.

It’s not enough for Ok to choose the finest materials, but at Zentime we know well that even an invisible nylon washer has the important task of protecting against galvanic corrosion.

When you decide to produce a handcrafted product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, with the ambition of establishing it on international markets, you cannot take any shortcuts in terms of quality and you are on a fixed path. We are proud to represent a small piece of Made in Italy and we feel like small bearers in the world of the best Italian artisan tradition.

But in Zentime, where we are all sailors, we also know that quality, when it comes to a sailboat, goes hand in hand with safety.

And we are also perfectly aware that your P8 will be set in the precious box of your dearest memories and that you will take on board the people you love most.

To be honest, however, after all, all this comes naturally to us, because we are so in love with our P8 that we would never agree to build it without dedicating obsessive attention to every detail and promoting, together with our boat, also that concept of sustainable boating that intimately it is dear to us and constitutes the real driving force behind our action. In short, we are so motivated that we feel emotionally in the same conditions as the nice Blues Brothers!

Therefore, beyond the formal aspect, which translates into the exclusive total guarantee of 5 years (we apologize for the brevity but it is the result of an imposition that we had to undergo from our law firm), the substance is that our boats will last many decades and constitute the pact around which the passion for the sea will bind us to you. Forever.