P8: when numbers become emotions!

Translating cold numbers is certainly not a trivial operation. Nonetheless, as they are read, they first take on an unusually slightly surly appearance, then we dare say friendly, graceful… until they become a cheerful and smiling garniture, all white like geese on the high seas!

And deep down here is also that little number that peeks mischievously like that little beach at the bottom of the blue: 400 kg of capacity, with a weight that reaches just 58 kg rigged under sail, wow!

This means that the flow to displacement ratio is 7:1. An absolute world record for a boat. But is there anyone who can compete with the P8? Yes, ants, which are capable of carrying 50 times their own weight: only giving in to Mother Nature is a great honor for us.

Technical sheet of the P8, a record-breaking boat! Capacity, dimensions, weight, assembly times and standard and optional equipment of the Italian folding boat with hybrid propulsion (sail, oars, engine).

Plate data
RINA CE  certification  – Design class  D
Capacity  400 kg
People  4
Motor FB max 4.41 KW (6 HP) – 25 kg
LFT without bowsprit: 3.05m
Closed hull: 3.19×0.55×0.18 m
Maximum beam: 1.41 m
Mainsail area: 5,869 m²
Jib area: 2,174 m²
Gennaker area: 5,576 m²
LFT with bowsprit: 3.78m
Operation time
Hull assembly: 2 min
Tubular inflation: 3 min
Rigging sail kit:  8 min
Rigging bowsprit and gennaker: 3 min
Int./ext. tubular movement 4 min
Boat decommissioning  8 min
Empty hull 41 kg
Basic hull fitted out: 48 kg
Hull equipped for sailing 58 kg
Racer pack (gennaker): 4 kg
Terraces: 0.8 kg
Standard Oars: 1.6kg
TNP Oars 240cm: 2.7kg