How does the Bravo Marinaio behave on board his p8? Here are his simple rules, which should always be followed by all of us too… Come on, let’s learn them!!

  1. Before going out on the boat, the Bravo Marinaio checks the weather report himself, without delegating anyone. In case he renounces the planned navigation and organizes a Beach Volley match. This is wise behavior, as opposed to the bad sailor who indulges in improvisation.
  2. When the sea is calm he knows that doesn’t always mean it will stay that way. Certainly you can also go out to sea with fresh wind and formed waves, but you don’t venture with uncertain or evolving weather conditions.
  3. Before tackling unknown stretches of coast, the Bravo Marinaio carefully reads the detailed nautical chart. Sometimes you also resort to the collaboration of someone expert in the place, in order to note down any dangers and identify practicable shelters if necessary.
  4. The Bravo Marinaio always informs someone of his sailing programme, communicating his estimated return time and planned route.
  5. Upon departure, the navigation program and the assignment of tasks on board are information that the Good Sailor shares immediately with the crew.
  6. He always ships a watertight container to be conveniently secured, in which to store water and mobile phone. Regarding the cell phone, he already knows, because he inquired beforehand, if there are stretches of coast without a signal (and possibly he carries a portable VHF radio with him.
  7. Makes everyone wear the right size buoyancy aid. On sailing dinghies the most suitable are the sporty ones with a vest that allow you to move easily.
  8. In the outward stretch the Bravo Marinaio sails upwind, in order to ensure the return to base with bearing sailing. This will make it easier to resolve any unexpected events or wind reinforcements.
  9. It does not go too far from the shore, because the coast is no longer easily recognizable from afar. It also takes into account how visibility can degrade rapidly in particular conditions.
  10. On his return and in his free time, he does various chores to keep the boat in order, checking periodically that all the equipment is fully efficient… because the Good Sailor is… always in the race!