We tested the P8 in every possible wind and sea condition, developed the project following an evolutionary process with obsessive attention to weight and performance. The P8 of today is a perfect machine, which already moves well with a light breeze, but which in demanding weather and sea conditions is capable of incredible evolutions.

Sailing with sustained wind conditions on a sailing dinghy there is no room for indecision. Efficiency and rationality of maneuvers are the first thing. On board the P8, the good sailor will be able to manage the mainsail, jib and gennaker, even solo, by regulating the deflection of the head with the flying shrouds in very rigid Dyneema undermined.

This result is achieved through a meticulous choice of components and a rational, simple and natural layout of the controls.

Everything in its place and every maneuver under your control to spin in the wind: this is the P8, dedicated to all lovers of sailing and the sea, even the most fearless and demanding sailing purists.

Bite the wind aboard your P8 and come planing with us.