We like to underline how the P8, thanks to its light weight and flat hull which allows it to glide obediently on the water, is an authentic rowing boat, one of the few in circulation.

And we are very sorry about it, because the inexorable decline of the rowing skate (“the mythical bluebottle”) marked by the advent of pedal-operated wheel propulsion, marked a huge step backwards from the point of view of transmission efficiency on a muscle. In fact, with the same force impressed, the pedal boat converts into propulsion only half of what happens on an equivalent rowing boat… and therefore it is no coincidence that the rescue vehicles used by the lifeguards have always remained the same…

The P8 for rowing navigation is ready in 2 minutes, allowing immediate use, even occasionally, with incomparable simplicity and very good performance.

When rowing, the two side benches that enclose the cockpit become superfluous, with a further saving in weight, as the ideal rowing position is on the central bench.

For intensive rowing use, the TNP technical oars in dural (length 240 cm and carbon rowlocks) are very effective. Rowing in two with coordinated movements, each holding his oar in both hands, surprising performances are achieved with the possibility of sailing for many miles with relatively little effort.

Rediscover the ancient pleasure of rowing and the wake behind your P8 will be longer and longer…