Does it also make sense to talk about performance for a folding boat? Wouldn’t the practicality of use and the timeless elegance of its wooden livery already be more than satisfactory?

In the Zentime we have not conceived the PaperOtto to make it just a beautiful and comfortable small boat. We are first and foremost sailors and would never sacrifice sailing performance for something else: this has made our project something unique in the world.

There are many other folding, inflatable, etc. boats, but none of them manages to sail with hull rigidity equal to that of a normal boat, with consequent serious loss of performance. The other folding boats are only adequate for sheltered bodies of water, for fishing or touring, but none of them can really sail safely in the open sea even with oars or motor… let alone even under sail! The PaperOtto, on the other hand, was born with the DNA of the famous English Dinghy Mirror, a boat designed for the sailing school in the North Sea, with which many professional rowers and sailors who today sail the seas of the world have been forged. With the Dinghy Mirror we share many choices on the rig, such as the Portuguese rig, but we are distinguished by the use of the furling gennaker rigged on the bowsprit, which will contribute to giving the most daring crews moments of pure adrenaline. And to thosemore sly? The pleasure of always surfing in full control and relaxation. This is our promise.