P8 – Italian hybrid folding boat

P8 sails, oars and motor to experience the sea in total freedom. With a capacity of 400 kg it is assembled thanks to the patented folding system, quickly transforming into a rigid hull that allows you to navigate safely even in the open sea.

You can transport your P8 comfortably on the roof rack of the car, folded in the transport bag, traveling at highway speed without friction or turbulence.

And after use, zero storage costs. Stored in a corner of the house, your P8 will always be ready to shoot for the next adventure.

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Montaggio della barca pieghevole P8 - Fase 1
Montaggio della barca pieghevole P8 - Fase 2
Montaggio della barca pieghevole P8 - Particolare della fase 2
La randa della barca pieghevole P8
La poppa del dinghy P8 con la tavoletta motore e gli agugliotti del timone per andare a vela
Barca in legno P8 nel porto di Giovinazzo dopo una bella giornata di vela

What will you find on the P8 folding boat website?

  1. Information about our company ZenTime.
  2. Details and considerations on the P8 project: quality, performance, technical data sheet, etc….
  3. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).
  4. The P8 Blog, with articles regarding sailing, technical aspects, sea stories and adventures.
  5. Section dedicated to basic equipment, prices, customization possibilities: Shop.

Haven’t found all the information?

For any need, if you are curious to discover the most hidden secrets of the P8, contact us or click on the Whatsapp widget below. ↘ We love explaining and are always happy to talk about our P8, so thank you for giving us the opportunity.

Reversible tubulars

The exclusive versatility of the P8 is also expressed through the possibility of using the inflatable tubular reserves, included in the supply, in two reversible ways.

Internal reserves

To sail on the pure and fluid lines of the P8, therefore enjoying an intimate contact of the hull with the water, a better response to the helm and greater sensitivity to the effects of the wind. Nothing more intoxicating and adrenaline-filled to fully experience the magic of a wooden sailboat that creaks its way through the waves.

External reserves

  1. In order to increase shape stability. This unique arrangement prevents capsizing and offers advantages in different use scenarios. For example:

    1. It offers the use of a sailing dinghy to those who are encouraged to instead follow initiation sailing courses on large yachts, allowing them to improve the outcome of their learning path. In fact, the reactivity of the rudder and the intuitiveness of the maneuvers on the P8 allow the crew to internalize the functioning of a sailing boat in a very short time. This advantage also translates into a drastic reduction in training times and costs.
    2. It ensures a comfortable return on board during swimming trips.
    3. Adds hydro support during motor navigation.
    4. Protects the outboard motor from the risk of capsizing when sailing with an auxiliary engine.
    5. It guarantees great stability during work sessions with loading/unloading of equipment, for example when used for diving and professional purposes.
    6. It equips the boat with effective lateral buffers, avoiding rigid contact with other boats, an ideal solution for use as a tender.
    7. It also allows disabled people to sail without the need to access the boat from the dock with the help of complex port structures (cranes and other equipment), taking advantage of the convenient direct access from the beach.
    8. It allows management advantages during the organization of large events, for example school courses, summer camps, holiday centres, rentals, fairs, etc…
Barche a riposo dopo la regata al Paper8 Sailing Week

The story of the P8 hybrid folding boat

(which is also a piece of our history)

Hi, I’m Marco Oliveto, founder of ZenTime. I am 58 years old and I am a computer scientist, designer, navigator and expert sailor (examiner in nautical license exams). I’m about to tell you the story of how and why we invented Paper8, a name that evolved into its short term P8.

It all started when in 1999 I launched the sailing yacht “Pinocchio”, a foiling trimaran that I built to sail with the family. Great boat, companion of many adventures. She sails light, fast and balanced. Kept in perfect working order thanks to the care given to it by its young owners Stefano and Francesca, it rocks happily at its mooring at the Bari naval league. The Pinocchio project started in 1994 together with some authentic sailing gurus:

  • Gabriele D’Alì, architect from Milan (author of the “designed sailing” column published for decades in the historic sailing magazine Bolina);
  • Giorgio Bergamini, engineer, from Bari like me, internationally renowned designer of sailing multihulls. Just think that in 1999 Giorgio became the FIV member within the “Multyhall Committee” of the ISAF, now renamed World Sailing, or the international sailing federation.
  • Michele Vino, from Bari, my best man and expert designer, refined shipwright, navigator and with that magical gift of being able to build any object starting from nothing.

Initially the tender (service boat) of the Pinocchio was an anonymous dinghy with an outboard engine. Not that it was the best, but it honestly fulfilled its task. To shake the balance in 2009, however, came the 4-legged Commander Benjie, who with his brisk manner (on the dock they called him “the Breton” due to his rough character) immediately explained to us, already during his first cruise, that the era of the unlucky dinghy was now over. Therefore, dutifully, we immediately started the project for the new tender, more rigid, habitable, practical and lighter.

To be honest, however, I must now confess that the idea of a hybrid tender that could also sail and row has been toyed with for some time. So the tender of our dreams had to be not only a better service boat, worthy of Commander Benjie, but also a dinghy suitable for exploring the coasts under sail during cruise stops.

But first of all the tender must be safe and reliable, a guarantee when you have to get out of the way of uncomfortable situations. How to bring a spare anchor to windward to reinforce the mooring or go ashore for supplies when the wind is blowing strongly at anchor in the bay.

During the brainstorming we remembered the chance encounter we had had years earlier at sea with a Dinghy Mirror, a glorious and tough dinghy, designed for sailing in the dark North Sea in 1962, in England, by the prolific pencil of Jack Holt ,

The Dinghy Mirror in particular had impressed us with its elegance and seainess. Furthermore, as on all boats equipped with a mirror on the bow (such as the timeless Optimist), the hull rather than being flat showed a good sheer… this detail was of great importance for the project that was starting to take root in our minds. …

And then the spark went off: why not think about re-engineering this fantastic boat in a foldable way? After all, what better references, considering that 70,000 Mirror Dinghys sail around the world? In fact, starting from New Zealand and Australia, up to the United States and Canada, it is the oceanic gym of entire generations of great champions.

Thus the first P8 was born from the love for Benjie, which, thanks to the precious DNA of its noble ancestor, has faithfully inherited its surprising marine qualities. The development of the project, conducted together with the Paper8 Sailing Team, a joblab of passionate sailors, continued with the construction of dozens of models, tested in the open sea in all wind conditions, even in stormy seas.

barca a vela P8 naviga con vento forte nel mare agitato di Vieste

We have created a folding boat that is unique in the world.

We have thus reached the longed-for moment of filing the P8 patent. Safe, high-performance, eclectic, hybrid, with a refined personality. We handcraft each boat with love and passion, working with fine woods and carefully selected materials, applying rigorous quality controls at every stage of the process.

L'istruttrice di vela Francesca Oliveto si rilassa dopo una uscita con gli allievi a bordo della barca pieghevole P8

The Project

If you are interested in the P8 here you can understand whether to linger or… act! Today.

The mission

Our boats are covered by a full 5 year warranty… But there’s something else you should know about our relationship with Jake and Elwood…

Il marinaio Nico carica la sua amata barca pieghevole P8 sul portapacchi della sua auto a Vieste


The purchase process is simple: here you will find the information you need. We will be happy to welcome you to the cheerful P8 filibuster

A bordo della barca pieghevole P8 navigando a vela lungo la costa di S.M. di Leuca


Instructions for use, equipment, advice, tips, meteorology, maintenance… and so on and so forth for having fun on the boat. The sailing blog of talented sailors!

Dedications ?

To our 4-legged Commander Benjie, who inspired us in the realization of the project and taught us to live in harmony with nature, the wind and the sea.

To Beppe Ferorelli, for long and happy years the sailmaker of the P8, who with patience and dedication designed, cut and sewed the beautiful sails of our boats.

To all the sailors of the Paper8 Sailing Team, who cooperated in the development of the project with tireless passion.

Marinaio Benjie di vedetta a prua sulla barca a vela P8

Thanks ⛵

To Legno Laser, to its owner Nicola Manfredi and to his collaborators, in particular to Antonella, who with her patience supported our madness with patience and professionalism, accommodating the capricious development of the project and the thousands of changes to our CAD drawings.

To Andrea Ceglie, artist, official photographer of the P8 and great friend.

To Francesco, Stefano, Lillo and Francesca, the musicians of the Attolini Jazz Etno Project Quartet, who with their magical performances made our memorable fleet gatherings unique, even composing the song “Paper8” dedicated to our wonderful creature.

To Nicola Brini of Brini Legnami, Giorgio Cigna of Osculati, the guys from Viadana, Sacloma, Tamitex, Prochima and all the other suppliers, who supported us in the complex startup phase by pouring out their experience.

To Rai, Bolina, Bateaux, Giornale delle Vela, Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, and all the other newspapers, Italian and foreign, which told our adventures, giving echo and voice to our P8.

To the National Presidency of the Italian Naval League, which hosted us in its stands (Genoa Boat Show and SNIM) and selected as technical partner of the “Help us save the sea” project, thus allowing hundreds of students to follow sailing courses in edge of the P8.