The P8 employs a patented gasket-based folding locking system. They are made in Hypalon by ORCA® , world leader in the production of special fabrics for industry, nautical and aerospace. This material is used to make rafting boats, junction bellows for railway carriages, industrial bellows… This material is insensitive to time, resists practically everything and is virtually indestructible. The neoprene base used in Hypalon guarantees reliability and stability over time even in the face of prolonged exposure to UV rays and high temperatures. The scorching sun of a beach will do nothing against him.

On the P8 we subjected the hinges to a test of 5,000 opening/closing movements of the boat, corresponding to 50 years of normal use. The result shows that there is no alteration of the elastic modulus of the gasket, which always returns to its rest position.

But what exactly did we use it for? The seals on the boat have only the task of guaranteeing watertightness. All stresses are absorbed by the wooden structure, thanks to special frets that prevent slipping and expansion of the seals during navigation.

This is also why we proudly offer a 5-year guarantee for the p8 , the most extensive on the market. But you can rest assured even after that, because after 50 years the seals on the P8 will still be just perfect.

We at ZenTime abhor the concept of planned obsolescence, which is why we will never use cheap PVC, widely used by other shipyards.